Introducing the Ariane Ophthalmology Suite

The Ariane suite of services combines subjective and objective data to create new level of medical intelligence in ophthalmology. Our integrated solution radically improves the eyecare pre-diagnostic process and delivers a higher standard of care.

Ariane Insight™
Virtual Agent

Collect & interpret subjective
symptoms from the patient

The Ariane-Insight™ virtual agent is the first interactive self-diagnostic platform that generates comprehensive eye health subjective data. Using a mobile device or computer on site, the Ariane-Insight™ probabilistic A.I. engine selects the most appropriate questions so that patients can report their relevant ocular background and current symptoms.The data is processed using our proprietary diagnostic algorithm and transferred directly to the medical team.

Robotized Scan

Full auto exam: 100 objective
measures of the eyes in 6 minutes.

The EyeLib™ robotic station is the first automated, multi-diagnostic system to perform a comprehensive eye health checkup and generate the patient’s ophthalmic objective data. The EyeLib™ 3D full-body scan and face morphometry ensure rapid and optimal ergonomics and identification for all patients. EyeLib™ then uses state of the art opto-electronic devices to perform hundreds of eye measurements in just 6 minutes.

SmartVision Report™

A.I Enhanced comprehensive
eye health report

The SmartVision Report™ analyzes the patient’s objective and subjective data to generate a new high level of medical intelligence for healthcare professionals. Using proprietary analytics and artificial intelligence, the SmartVision Report™ covers every major eye health condition and assists eye healthcare professionals in addressing patient needs more effectively.

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