We are currently seeking for a talented data scientist/data engineer/algorithm developer to participate and lead research and software development to further enhance predictive capabilities of our new diagnostics platform.

MIKAJAKI’s development teams are located in Geneva and Paris.

Interviews will be conducted in English

Freelancers are welcome to submit their CV.


  1. Participate in developing and testing algorithms/machine learning models, integrating information from text, numeric data, images/videos from large volumes of patients’ data.
  2. Perform statistical analysis on our databases for the research and development of our products
  3. Manage and supervise the extraction of medical records from medical centers.
  4. Be in contact with technical support and engineers from manufacturers of medical devices.
  5. Plan and supervise the construction of a homogeneous database for patient records.
  6. Continuously maintain and update databases with new patient records and measurements.
  7. Keep summaries and records of working procedures, algorithms, and protocols for data extraction.


  • An MSc (or higher) degree in one of the quantitative domains (mathematics/ applied mathematics/ computer science/ physics/ bioinformatics/computational biology)
  • Experience in database management tools
  • Experience in one or more programming languages (Matlab/ Python/ Julia/ C++/ Java/ R )
  • Experience in medical record handling protocols and encryption methodologies is an advantage
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks, such as (but not limited to) Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow, is an advantage
  • Independent, motivated and self-driven
  • Good level of written and spoken English


Be part of the initial research and development team

Take part in the development of new technologies impacting health of people worldwide. 

Work in a fast-paced, dynamic small start-up environment. 

Furthermore, the company offers attractive conditions. 

Please send CV to