Introducing EyeLib, the new paradigm of eye health diagnostics

MIKAJAKI has built an innovative way to support, diagnose and treat eye conditions. Using digital technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence, EyeLib is the first fully automated eye health platform on the market to assist MD diagnostics.

We’re solving a global
healthcare problem

In today’s aging population, there are tens of millions of individuals requiring eye health diagnosis and treatment. Without enough eyecare professionals to treat them and highly inefficient eye diagnosis and patient care processes, millions of people remain at risk of sight-threatening diseases.


With the launch of EyeLib™, MIKAJAKI offers eye healthcare professionals and patients a fully automated eye screening platform that delivers the most robust ocular analysis available. It provides eye professionals with a fast, accurate and reliable dataset, which can then be used to accurately send patients on toward the correct next step for further treatment.

This juncture, which is the most critical bottleneck in today’s eyecare health system, is where EyeLib™ enters the picture: It enables patients to receive quicker access to the exact treatment they need and empowers eye professionals to focus on their specialty and field of expertise. With the advent of EyeLib™, it’s no longer necessary to waste time collecting multiple data pieces from patients using various machines at a number of different locales, which can take several months.


EyeLib™ is the Process Revolution that gives every patient access to the right eyecare solution. As telemedicine and remote services become the new standard in healthcare with the spread of COVID-19, EyeLib delivers a safer, more affordable, and more efficient eye health screening.

We use Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data to drive efficiencies for eyecare providers, patients and the healthcare system


EyeLib™ procures comprehensive pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis services for patients, with minimal interaction required from eye care professionals or staff.

Cost Savings

EyeLib leads to significant cost savings to all stakeholders in the eye healthcare ecosystem. Patients save time, eye professionals streamline patient flow and healthcare providers and insurers eliminate superfluous costs present in current processes.

Advanced Diagnostics

EyeLib advanced diagnostics result in superior reporting capabilities that go far beyond traditional data points and current clinic reporting tools.

Telemedicine Ready

EyeLib™ is practically fully autonomous, which in today's current COVID-19 environment has become a critical feature to enabling patients and eye professionals to work safely and efficiently with minimal contact.

The latest news from MIKAJAKI

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